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BBJ means: : Bread

: Bread

BBB means: Bread and Butter Barcelona

Bread and Butter Barcelona

WBTBWB means: We Butter the Bread with Butter

We Butter the Bread with Butter

ODB means: Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread

CBCL means: Canada Bread Company Limited

Canada Bread Company Limited

EGBDF means: Eat Good Bread Dear Father

Eat Good Bread Dear Father

FOUB means: Feast of Unleavened Bread

Feast of Unleavened Bread

ABO means: Artisan Bread Original

Artisan Bread Original

BMR means: Bread Machine Recipes

Bread Machine Recipes

BOLO means: Bread of Life Outreach

Bread of Life Outreach

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in bread?

Meaning of bread by its letters

bread acronym or abbreviation means:

B: Meaning of B in bread. B is indistinguishable numerically to the number 2 and speaks to the feelings. A man with a B beginning is inviting and is typically an understudy stool. On the negative side, B can at times be egocentric and somewhat eager. B resembles one with two branches from above and underneath that the branches start to develop for some natural reasons and become back toward each other and after that inside. In spite of the intense that they may have depicted, it demonstrates introvertion, an inventive method to alter the course when looked with difficulties, timidity of society. It likewise demonstrates a steady method to move other than the branches inside to help each other. B is touchy to emotions and this is seen by touching the branches. A vivacious and thoughtful demeanor are on the whole characteristics of the letter B holds.

R: Meaning of R in bread. The letter R is indistinguishable numerically to the number 9 and is tolerant and empathetic. On the off chance that the letter R is the principal consonant in a name, the transporter regularly go about as an ambassador. Adversely, individuals with the R may tend to end up plainly foul. Letter R sits serenely on two legs spread separated a litlle. It indicates awesome quality. It's nearby on itself is harsh, hasty and heartless.

E: Meaning of E in bread. E is the second vowel in the letter set and has the numeric Equal number 5. A man with the underlying E is normally a cordial, cherishing and humane soul. Adversely, a man with the letter E as their underlying can be questionable and somewhat cushioned once in a while. The letter E has three branches of similar lengths. These all reach out from it's left side. Similar lengths demonstrate a specific level of reasonableness to the outside world. They reach out to the outside demonstrates the ability to learn, to think overall and to be more fiery. B likewise implies, talented with great written work abilities, expert articulation, creative energy abundance. It demonstrates a one of a kind masterful style and solid excitement get out and know more.

A: Meaning of A in bread. The letter An is a standout amongst the most effective letters of the letter set and names that begin with that letter are, the "practitioners" of the world They resemble "performing artists" throughout everyday life and can put on the persona they need for you. On the off chance that they are not, at that point they will perceive as though they are If An is the primary vowel in a name, the individual has a tendency to be intense and brave. Names starting with the letter An are pioneers, torchbearers, specialists, educators, and individuals who indicate others the way. They are pioneers, inspirations and hopeful visionaries who know about their own particular natural forces. An is indistinguishable numerically to the number 1 and symbolizes the trait of the trust. On the contrary side, a man with the underlying A might be feedback of the endeavors of different organizations. The letter A has two poles associated at a pointed edge and a crossbar holding them together. From an open end to a pointed edge implies that all energies are prepared to accomplish a point that is the most one of a kind imperative objective. The crossbar indicates alert. A mistake is maintained a strategic distance from by hanging all the required assets together. One likewise resembles a pyramid with the best as the highest point of the pyramid. Pyramids are notorious. A symbolizes in this way unmistakable quality and a want that is perceived for those accomplishments. The crossbar likewise gives a rung in step. To get up, you should initial step on the rung. It likewise implies inventiveness, a solid self control, and a withstanding capacity. The upper lodging configuration comprises of the two sideways sides of a triangle, and is crossed in the center by an even pillar. It indicates endeavoring to be the strength effective, inspirational mentality, a hopeful face and self-centeredness.

D: Meaning of D in bread. D is indistinguishable numerically to the number 4 and speaks to harmony. D is capable vitality and is the letter related with the economy. In the event that it is the main consonant in a name, the individual is inclined to exhaust himself, yet frequently discover accomplishment in their lives. On the contrary side, a D individual can be stiff-necked, frequently for their own harm. D is a shut letter showing self supply. It shows self-assurance, a minding state of mind and liberality. It's tolerance can be found in the fat to see that the letter D has a side that resembles an upright shaft, it is branches from here and there to the outside, increase common learning, however its consistent and moderate, cautious Self-certainty takes it back to itself.

What does bread mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation bread. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the bread acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of bread

bread has a life path of 3. bread means: With a fortunate life way of 3, the arrangement of numbers (3, 12/3, 21/3, 30/3) are your character numbers. 3 Positive highlights: Self-articulation from multiple points of view, verbalization, motivation and sharp creative ability, imaginative endowments, exact impressions and bits of knowledge, endless confidence, cheerful and deep rooted, getting a charge out of life full. 3 Negative highlights: Appropriated energies, embellishment, incomplete ventures, absence of bearing, grumpiness, egocentrism. Number Three is an informative, amicable, and active vibrations. Well disposed, positive and hopeful, appreciate three lives and have a decent comical inclination. Orchestrated by Jupiter. Catchphrases: bright, neighborly, positive, courageous, self-articulation. At the point when communicated adversely: indulgent, scattered, shallow. As darlings: number three are fun, fiery and prepared to explore. These darlings require space and contact with others to feel content. On the off chance that they feel choked, they will be miserable and fretful. Enable opportunity to associate and stimulate their energies, they are energizing and glad darlings. Number 3 resounds with the vitality of positive thinking and satisfaction, motivation and inventiveness, dialect and correspondence, great taste, creative ability and knowledge, friendliness and society, graciousness, goodness and sympathy. No. 3 is additionally the specialty of diversion, vitality, development, extension and the standards of height, immediacy, secured open, amalgamation, the groups of three, paradise Man - Erd, past-introduce future, soul discourse activity demonstrates love through innovative creative energy , Total, accomplishment, consolation, support, ability and aptitudes, culture, soul, a carefree and fun, opportunity, look, enterprise, flood, brightness, free frame, be overcome, non-fierce, open stage, musicality, energy, Surprise, affectability, self-articulation, consideration and eagerness, youth, enlivenment mystic capacity, showed and indication. Number 3 reverberates with the energies of the Ascended Masters and demonstrates that the Ascended Masters are around you when requested help. The Ascended Master will concentrate on the heavenly start and help other people to show and show your wants. They enable you to discover peace, lucidity and love inside. The Bible significance of twelve communicates God's energy and expert, bringing about flawlessness, imaginative capacities and fulfillment. Twelve as an image of infinite request. Twelve is noteworthy in our day by day life. It is reflected in the quantity of months in a year, hours on a watch the individuals from a run of the mill legal jury. Twelve stars were decided for the EU hail in view of its significance of flawlessness. The Bible significance of twelve is that it implies confidence, adore. This can be found in the Twelve Apostles, two clans of Israel, twelve stars, twelve clans of Israel. The number twelve is likewise extremely given in the book of Revelation as to the twelve doors, twelve blessed messengers. From the time arrangement, twelve speaks to a finished cycle and recovery an energy of experience demonstrates growing overwhelmingly. Twenty-one means amicability and speaks to the union of the Trinity. Scriptural, twenty-one symbolizes defiance to God and focuses to another level and insubordination to God. As per Claude of Saint Matin, number twenty-one shows devastation and reestablishment. Identity: Twenty ones are brazen and enthusiastic. Have an incredible potential test and are exceptionally diagnostic to overcome in basic leadership. They are alluring, straightforward and amiable and urge correspondence to enhance understanding.


More meanings / definitions of bread or words, sentences containing bread?

Sodden (p. p.): Boiled; seethed; also, soaked; heavy with moisture; saturated; as, sodden beef; sodden bread; sodden fields.

Peel (n.): A spadelike implement, variously used, as for removing loaves of bread from a baker's oven; also, a T-shaped implement used by printers and bookbinders for hanging wet sheets of paper on lines or poles to dry. Also, the blade of an oar.

Johnnycake (n.): A kind of bread made of the meal of maize (Indian corn), mixed with water or milk, etc., and baked.

Tray (n.): A small trough or wooden vessel, sometimes scooped out of a block of wood, for various domestic uses, as in making bread, chopping meat, etc.

Marchpane (n.): A kind of sweet bread or biscuit; a cake of pounded almonds and sugar.

Breadfruit (n.): The fruit of a tree (Artocarpus incisa) found in the islands of the Pacific, esp. the South Sea islands. It is of a roundish form, from four to six or seven inches in diameter, and, when baked, somewhat resembles bread, and is eaten as food, whence the name.

Knead (v. t.): To work and press into a mass, usually with the hands; esp., to work, as by repeated pressure with the knuckles, into a well mixed mass, as the materials of bread, cake, etc.; as, to knead dough.

Portpane (n.): A cloth for carrying bread, so as not to touch it with the hands.

Assize (n.): A statute or ordinance in general. Specifically: (1) A statute regulating the weight, measure, and proportions of ingredients and the price of articles sold in the market; as, the assize of bread and other provisions; (2) A statute fixing the standard of weights and measures.

Croustade (n.): Bread baked in a mold, and scooped out, to serve minces upon.

Breadfruit (n.): The tree itself, which is one of considerable size, with large, lobed leaves. Cloth is made from the bark, and the timber is used for many purposes. Called also breadfruit tree and bread tree.

Breadstuff (n.): Grain, flour, or meal of which bread is made.

Matzoth (n.): A cake of unleavened bread eaten by the Jews at the feast of the Passover.

Taxer (n.): One of two officers chosen yearly to regulate the assize of bread, and to see the true gauge of weights and measures is observed.

Cribble (a.): Coarse; as, cribble bread.

Impanation (a.): Embodiment in bread; the supposed real presence and union of Christ's material body and blood with the substance of the elements of the eucharist without a change in their nature; -- distinguished from transubstantiation, which supposes a miraculous change of the substance of the elements. It is akin to consubstantiation.

Hunch (n.): A lump; a thick piece; as, a hunch of bread.

Transubstantiation (n.): The doctrine held by Roman Catholics, that the bread and wine in the Mass is converted into the body and blood of Christ; -- distinguished from consubstantiation, and impanation.

Cue (n.): A small portion of bread or beer; the quantity bought with a farthing or half farthing.

Crouton (n.): Bread cut in various forms, and fried lightly in butter or oil, to garnish hashes, etc.

Raise (v. t.): To cause to rise, as by the effect of leaven; to make light and spongy, as bread.

Meat (n.): The flesh of animals used as food; esp., animal muscle; as, a breakfast of bread and fruit without meat.

Algaroba (n.): The Carob, a leguminous tree of the Mediterranean region; also, its edible beans or pods, called St. John's bread.

Wheat (n.): A cereal grass (Triticum vulgare) and its grain, which furnishes a white flour for bread, and, next to rice, is the grain most largely used by the human race.

Cocket (n.): A measure for bread.

Clapcake (n.): Oatmeal cake or bread clapped or beaten till it is thin.

Panary (a.): Of or pertaining to bread or to breadmaking.

Showbread (n.): Bread of exhibition; loaves to set before God; -- the term used in translating the various phrases used in the Hebrew and Greek to designate the loaves of bread which the priest of the week placed before the Lord on the golden table in the sanctuary. They were made of fine flour unleavened, and were changed every Sabbath. The loaves, twelve in number, represented the twelve tribes of Israel. They were to be eaten by the priests only, and in the Holy Place.

Yeast (n.): The foam, or troth (top yeast), or the sediment (bottom yeast), of beer or other in fermentation, which contains the yeast plant or its spores, and under certain conditions produces fermentation in saccharine or farinaceous substances; a preparation used for raising dough for bread or cakes, and making it light and puffy; barm; ferment.

Cyclamen (n.): A genus of plants of the Primrose family, having depressed rounded corms, and pretty nodding flowers with the petals so reflexed as to point upwards, whence it is called rabbits' ears. It is also called sow bread, because hogs are said to eat the corms.

Meaning of Loaf Of Bread

Loaf Of Bread means: Head

Meaning of damper

damper means: unleavened bread cooked in camp oven

Meaning of Soft Tack

Soft Tack means: Bread.

Meaning of stottie

stottie means: Noun. A flat coarse bread, made from the scraps of dough leftover in baking. [Scotland/Tyneside/Northern use]

Meaning of Wors (vors)

Wors (vors) means: Traditional Afrikaans sausage now eaten by everyone. Flavoured with spices such as coriander and chilli, the full name is boerewors, which translates directly as farmers' sausage. A wors roll is a length of wors in a white bread roll, topped with onions, mustard and tomato sauce. You may also have pap (cooked maize meal) and wors with a tomato and onion sauce.

Meaning of Cheque

Cheque means: Gregory Peck. I never 'ad any bread on me, so I 'ad to pay by Gregory.

Meaning of Noah's boy on bread

Noah's boy on bread means: Ham sandwich

Meaning of knob-end

knob-end means: Noun. 1. The head of a penis. 2. A contemptible person. 3. The very end of something. E.g."Ok, I'll eat the knob-end of the bread, the crusty bits are my favourite."

Meaning of bread

bread means: Money. I need some bread to pay for my car.

Meaning of loaf

loaf means: Noun. Head. Rhyming slang on loaf of bread. See 'use one's loaf'.

Meaning of PUNK AND GUT

PUNK AND GUT means: Punk and gut is American tramp slang for bread and cheese

Meaning of savoury

savoury means: n non-dessert food. Food such as potatoes, bread and meat are savouries. Things like ice cream and meringues are “sweets,” which is defined elsewhere in this fine work. Probably further on, as it’s supposed to be in alphabetical order.

Meaning of Bread And Butter

Bread And Butter means: Gutter

Meaning of REUBEN

REUBEN means: Reuben (from Reuben Sandwich) is American slang for a large sandwich served hot, made of rye bread and containing meat, cheese and sauerkraut.

Meaning of bread basket

bread basket means: stomach ‘I hit him right in the bread basket.’


PENN'ORTH OF BREAD means: Penn'orth of bread is London Cockney rhyming slang for head.

Meaning of Crust of Bread

Crust of Bread means: Head. Use your crust, mate.

Meaning of Crust Of Bread

Crust Of Bread means: Head

Meaning of cheddar

cheddar means: Cash, mazoola, bread... any one of a hundred things... all meaning money!

Meaning of methodist

methodist means: bread raisin bread

Meaning of Transubstantiate

Transubstantiate means: To change, as the sacramental elements, bread and wine, into the flesh and blood of Christ.

Meaning of Lobscouse

Lobscouse means: A combination of meat with vegetables, bread, etc., usually stewed, sometimes baked; an olio.

Meaning of Hunch

Hunch means: A lump; a thick piece; as, a hunch of bread.

Meaning of Wheaten

Wheaten means: Made of wheat; as, wheaten bread.

Meaning of Impanate

Impanate means: Embodied in bread, esp. in the bread of the eucharist.

Meaning of Bannock

Bannock means: A kind of cake or bread, in shape flat and roundish, commonly made of oatmeal or barley meal and baked on an iron plate, or griddle; -- used in Scotland and the northern counties of England.

Meaning of Marchpane

Marchpane means: A kind of sweet bread or biscuit; a cake of pounded almonds and sugar.

Meaning of Sandwich

Sandwich means: Two pieces of bread and butter with a thin slice of meat, cheese, or the like, between them.

Meaning of Shive

Shive means: A slice; as, a shive of bread.

Meaning of Bread

Bread means: To spread.

Meaning of Carob

Carob means: An evergreen leguminous tree (Ceratania Siliqua) found in the countries bordering the Mediterranean; the St. John's bread; -- called also carob tree.

Meaning of Panification

Panification means: The act or process of making bread.

Meaning of Breadcorn

Breadcorn means: Corn of grain of which bread is made, as wheat, rye, etc.

Meaning of Panade

Panade means: Bread boiled in water to the consistence of pulp, and sweetened or flavored.

Meaning of Panivorous

Panivorous means: Eating bread; subsisting on bread.

Name Meaning of bread

Meaning of Cockett

Is Cockett a female or a male name and what is the origin of Cockett?

Cockett is Surname or Lastname and origin is English

Cockett means: English : metonymic occupational name for a baker, from the Middle English term cocket-bread, denoting a high-quality leavened bread, second only to the wastell or finest bread. It has been suggested that this bread may have derived its name from Anglo-French cockette ‘seal’, having supposedly been marked with the seal of the King’s Custom House, though there is no supporting evidence for this.

Meaning of Whitebread

Is Whitebread a female or a male name and what is the origin of Whitebread?

Whitebread is Surname or Lastname and origin is English

Whitebread means: English : metonymic occupational name for a baker or seller of white bread, from Old English hwīt ‘white’ or hwǣte ‘wheat’ + brēad ‘bread’. White bread, considered the best bread, was made from wheat flour.In some cases, perhaps a translation of the German cognate Weisbrot.

Meaning of Lahmi

Is Lahmi a female or a male name and what is the origin of Lahmi?

Lahmi is Boy/Male and origin is Biblical

Lahmi means: My bread, my war.

Meaning of Lahmam

Is Lahmam a female or a male name and what is the origin of Lahmam?

Lahmam is and origin is Biblical

Lahmam means: their bread; their war

Meaning of Lahmi

Is Lahmi a female or a male name and what is the origin of Lahmi?

Lahmi is and origin is Biblical

Lahmi means: my bread; my war

Meaning of Lahmam

Is Lahmam a female or a male name and what is the origin of Lahmam?

Lahmam is Girl/Female and origin is Biblical

Lahmam means: Their bread, their war.

Meaning of Fomax

Is Fomax a female or a male name and what is the origin of Fomax?

Fomax is Girl/Female and origin is Latin

Fomax means: Goddess of bread.

Meaning of Annapurna

Is Annapurna a female or a male name and what is the origin of Annapurna?

Annapurna is Girl/Female and origin is Indian

Annapurna means: Goddess of bread.

Meaning of Ayyash |

Is Ayyash | a female or a male name and what is the origin of Ayyash |?

Ayyash | is Boy/Male and origin is Muslim

Ayyash | means: Bread seller

Meaning of Ayyash

Is Ayyash a female or a male name and what is the origin of Ayyash?

Ayyash is Boy/Male and origin is Arabic, Muslim, Sindhi

Ayyash means: Bread-seller

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