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AFBMTC means: Armed Forces Bone Marrow Transplant Centre

Armed Forces Bone Marrow Transplant Centre

ABMG means: Autologous Bone Marrow Grafting

Autologous Bone Marrow Grafting

ABM means: autologous bone marrow

autologous bone marrow

BMMP means: bone marrowmyeloid precursors

bone marrowmyeloid precursors

RBMC means: rat bone marrow stromal cell

rat bone marrow stromal cell

SBC means: simple bone cyst

simple bone cyst

BMSC means: Bone Marrow Stromal Cell

Bone Marrow Stromal Cell

CBD means: cortical bone density

cortical bone density

EBG means: early bone grafting

early bone grafting

RBM means: Rat bone marrow

Rat bone marrow

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in bone?

Meaning of bone by its letters

bone acronym or abbreviation means:

B: Meaning of B in bone. B is indistinguishable numerically to the number 2 and speaks to the feelings. A man with a B beginning is inviting and is typically an understudy stool. On the negative side, B can at times be egocentric and somewhat eager. B resembles one with two branches from above and underneath that the branches start to develop for some natural reasons and become back toward each other and after that inside. In spite of the intense that they may have depicted, it demonstrates introvertion, an inventive method to alter the course when looked with difficulties, timidity of society. It likewise demonstrates a steady method to move other than the branches inside to help each other. B is touchy to emotions and this is seen by touching the branches. A vivacious and thoughtful demeanor are on the whole characteristics of the letter B holds.

O: Meaning of O in bone. The letter O is a standout amongst the most intense letters of the letter set and names start with that letter, the "practitioners" of the world. On the off chance that O is the principal vowel in a name, the individual has a tendency to be striking and intense. Names with the underlying letter O are pioneers, torchbearers, specialists, instructors, and individuals who demonstrate others the way. They are pioneers, inspirations and optimistic visionaries who know about their own intrinsic forces. The letter O is honest, kind, and shrewd. This letter gives tolerance, ability and is especially dedicated. O compares to the number 6, to convey the characteristics of administration to others, benevolence, duty, effortlessness and respect. The drawback of being an O is to be somewhat similar to a Drama Queen. O is all around cut without pointed edges. It is smooth and shut. It appears, somewhere down in thought, very much restrained, down in the dumps and minding. The roundedness of the O with see tower in the center demonstrates a peering nature in the outside. That implies finding the secretive and be household and appreciate the things that are close-by. It is a traditionalist letter.

N: Meaning of N in bone. N is indistinguishable numerically to the number 5 and speaks to creative ability. Individuals with the underlying N are instinctive and open, yet can be adversely influenced by desire. N has two stable finishes on the floor and two upward show certainty. She is prepared to investigate upward and additionally downwards, learned interest. It ends up plainly languid when their rooms are loaded with water in this manner squandering ability from less readiness. This makes it marginally disabled, yet favorable luck it generally come.

E: Meaning of E in bone. E is the second vowel in the letter set and has the numeric Equal number 5. A man with the underlying E is normally a cordial, cherishing and humane soul. Adversely, a man with the letter E as their underlying can be questionable and somewhat cushioned once in a while. The letter E has three branches of similar lengths. These all reach out from it's left side. Similar lengths demonstrate a specific level of reasonableness to the outside world. They reach out to the outside demonstrates the ability to learn, to think overall and to be more fiery. B likewise implies, talented with great written work abilities, expert articulation, creative energy abundance. It demonstrates a one of a kind masterful style and solid excitement get out and know more.

What does bone mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation bone. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the bone acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of bone

bone has a life path of 9. bone means: With a fortunate life way of 9, the arrangement of numbers (9, 18/9, 27/9, 36/9) are your character numbers. 9 Positive highlights: Generously cordial and thoughtful, a hail partner, the compassionate impulses, an announcement of nature, benevolence, responsibilities, inventive articulation, simple to do acts of kindness, imaginative and composing abilities. 9 Negative Features: Self-worship, scattered interests, possessiveness, whim, indiscreet with the accounts, Peer needed consideration. This is the educator. Number Nine is a tolerant, to some degree unfeasible, and thunderous. Managed by Mars. Watchwords: thousands, philanthropic, thoughtful, supportive, enthusiastic, tolerant, energetic, decided. In negative terms: monetarily impulsive, irritable, tormenting, excessively enthusiastic, cranky, fretful. As darlings: These sweethearts included and accommodating. Since they are thoughtful, they can without much of a stretch be walkers. They demonstrate their affection from their accomplices to help, and accepting their lover's issues. Whenever set off, their feelings can be volcanic, and an apparently resigned identity to tormenting strategies can fall back when despondent. Thought to be female and independent, number nine stands for widespread love, time everlasting and confidence, inventive capacities, devotion. It alludes to knowledge and inventiveness. Nine has administration qualities and is inborn gifts. Nine reflects accomplishment, fulfillment and satisfaction. In affection, nines are sentimental, searing and reckless. Scripturally nine symbolizes culmination. identity Nine works without rationale and empathy, benevolence, liberality. Number nine individuals are overcome, autonomous and exceptionally sure and can not effectively wreck from assurance. Negative properties. The powerlessness to focus; Nines are immediately solidified and don't tune in to different assessments. In Japan, nine is viewed as troubled; In Hebrew nine is an image of truth. Number 18 conveys a message of consolation and support, and it is an image of satisfaction. It likewise alludes to magnificence as in 18 roses. It reverberates with philanthropy, autonomy with long haul benefits. Scripturally, number 18 symbolizes servitude. For instance, Jesus mended a lady with a soul of ailment eighteen years. Identity: Number of eighteen people are tolerant, caring and acknowledge critical undertakings in light of self-assurance. They frequently share thoughts to get the assessments of others before acknowledging assignments. They communicate in craftsmanship and other inventive exercises and happily appreciate. In affection number eighteen, modest wishes and dreams are communicated. They are faithful in their connections, however they are difficult to coexist with.


More meanings / definitions of bone or words, sentences containing bone?

Osteoplastic (a.): Of or pertaining to the replacement of bone; as, an osteoplastic operation.

Bodkin (n.): An implement of steel, bone, ivory, etc., with a sharp point, for making holes by piercing; a /tiletto; an eyeleteer.

Trepan (v. t. & i.): To perforate (the skull) with a trepan, so as to remove a portion of the bone, and thus relieve the brain from pressure or irritation; to perform an operation with the trepan.

Mandible (n.): The bone, or principal bone, of the lower jaw; the inferior maxilla; -- also applied to either the upper or the lower jaw in the beak of birds.

Fronto- (): A combining form signifying relating to the forehead or the frontal bone; as, fronto-parietal, relating to the frontal and the parietal bones; fronto-nasal, etc.

Prefrontal (n.): A prefrontal bone or scale.

Fibulare (n.): The bone or cartilage of the tarsus, which articulates with the fibula, and corresponds to the calcaneum in man and most mammals.

Mineralization (n.): The process of mineralizing, or forming a mineral by combination of a metal with another element; also, the process of converting into a mineral, as a bone or a plant.

Chuck (n.): A piece of the backbone of an animal, from between the neck and the collar bone, with the adjoining parts, cut for cooking; as, a chuck steak; a chuck roast.

Extraction (n.): The act of extracting, or drawing out; as, the extraction of a tooth, of a bone or an arrow from the body, of a stump from earth, of a passage from a book, of an essence or tincture.

Temporo- (): A combining form used in anatomy to indicate connection with, or relation to, the temple, or temporal bone; as, temporofacial.

Shin (n.): The front part of the leg below the knee; the front edge of the shin bone; the lower part of the leg; the shank.

Ceratobranchial (n.): A ceratobranchial bone, or cartilage.

Entoglossal (a.): Within the tongue; -- applied to the glossohyal bone.

Scapula (n.): The principal bone of the shoulder girdle in mammals; the shoulder blade.

Radius (n.): The preaxial bone of the forearm, or brachium, corresponding to the tibia of the hind limb. See Illust. of Artiodactyla.

Dust (n.): Fine, dry particles of earth or other matter, so comminuted that they may be raised and wafted by the wind; that which is crumbled too minute portions; fine powder; as, clouds of dust; bone dust.

Buttonmold (n.): A disk of bone, wood, or other material, which is made into a button by covering it with cloth.

Whirlbone (n.): The huckle bone.

Mastoid (a.): Resembling the nipple or the breast; -- applied specifically to a process of the temporal bone behind the ear.

Petrous (a.): Like stone; hard; stony; rocky; as, the petrous part of the temporal bone.

Ischium (n.): The ventral and posterior of the three principal bones composing either half of the pelvis; seat bone; the huckle bone.

Bone (n.): Two or four pieces of bone held between the fingers and struck together to make a kind of music.

Petrosal (a.): Hard; stony; petrous; as, the petrosal bone; petrosal part of the temporal bone.

Pisiform (n.): A small bone on the ulnar side of the carpus in man and many mammals. See Illust. of Artiodactyla.

Pterygoid (n.): A pterygoid bone.

Pumiced (a.): Affected with a kind of chronic laminitis in which there is a growth of soft spongy horn between the coffin bone and the hoof wall. The disease is called pumiced foot, or pumice foot.

Mill (n.): A machine for grinding or comminuting any substance, as grain, by rubbing and crushing it between two hard, rough, or intented surfaces; as, a gristmill, a coffee mill; a bone mill.

Laminitis (n.): Inflammation of the laminae or fleshy plates along the coffin bone of a horse; founder.

Scale (n.): Hence, any layer or leaf of metal or other material, resembling in size and thinness the scale of a fish; as, a scale of iron, of bone, etc.

Meaning of bone hawg, bone hog

bone hawg, bone hog means: Sexually active female, a woman who enjoys performing oral sex on men.

Meaning of Let's Bone Out

Let's Bone Out means: Meaning "let's go" .


GIVE THE DOG A BONE means: Give the dog a bone is British rhyming slang for a telephone call. Give the dog a bone is British rhyming slang for sexual intercourse.

Meaning of bone (up)

bone (up) means: To study or work hard. I can't go anywhere tonight; I have to bone (up) for my chemistry test.

Meaning of Dog and bone

Dog and bone means: Telephone

Meaning of jiggling bone

jiggling bone means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

Meaning of Dog And Bone

Dog And Bone means: Telephone

Meaning of Bone Orchard

Bone Orchard means: Cemetery.

Meaning of bone smuggler

bone smuggler means: A drag queen.

Meaning of Bone Jacked

Bone Jacked means: stealing the style of one who is dead.

Meaning of BONE SHAKER

BONE SHAKER means: Bone shaker is British slang for a bumpy form of conveyance.

Meaning of Bone

Bone means: Foam or spray which is thrown out under the bow of a ship when she is under way. If fast moving with a lot of spray being thrown out, the vessel is said to have "A bone in her teeth".

Meaning of bone

bone means: Verb. To have sexual intercourse.Noun. The act of having sexual intercourse.

Meaning of RAG AND BONE

RAG AND BONE means: Rag and bone is London Cockney rhyming slang for lavatory (throne).

Meaning of Scrimshaw

Scrimshaw means: The name given to scrollwork, engravings, and carvings done in bone or ivory. Traditionally, it refers to the handiwork created by whalers made from the byproducts of harvesting marine mammals. Today, it is any sort of carving done as a hobby.

Meaning of throw a bone

throw a bone means: Help out with something small. He came home potted last weekend and his wife ran him through the wringer.

Meaning of BONE BOX

BONE BOX means: Bone box is slang for the mouth.Bone box is British slang for a coffin.Bone box is American slang for a hearse.

Meaning of Bone, Bene

Bone, Bene means:   (Pronounced Bone and Benneh?)  Good or profitable.

Meaning of splitter

splitter means: member of a fish crew who cuts out the back or sound bone of the cod fish and opens the fish to the tail for salting and drying

Meaning of nonos

nonos means: bone (for a dog)

Meaning of Entoglossal

Entoglossal means: Within the tongue; -- applied to the glossohyal bone.

Meaning of Femur

Femur means: The proximal segment of the hind limb containing the thigh bone; the thigh. See Coxa.

Meaning of Supersphenoidal

Supersphenoidal means: Situated above, or on the dorsal side of, the body of the sphenoid bone.

Meaning of Alisphenoidal

Alisphenoidal means: Pertaining to or forming the wing of the sphenoid; relating to a bone in the base of the skull, which in the adult is often consolidated with the sphenoid; as, alisphenoid bone; alisphenoid canal.

Meaning of Navicular

Navicular means: The navicular bone.

Meaning of Alinasal

Alinasal means: Pertaining to expansions of the nasal bone or cartilage.

Meaning of Necrosed

Necrosed means: Affected by necrosis; dead; as, a necrosed bone.

Meaning of Alisphenoid

Alisphenoid means: The alisphenoid bone.

Meaning of Bone

Bone means: Anything made of bone, as a bobbin for weaving bone lace.

Meaning of Navicular

Navicular means: Shaped like a boat; cymbiform; scaphoid; as, the navicular glumes of most grasses; the navicular bone.

Meaning of Surangular

Surangular means: Above the angular bone; supra-angular; -- applied to a bone of the lower jaw in many reptiles and birds.

Meaning of Table

Table means: One of the two, external and internal, layers of compact bone, separated by diploe, in the walls of the cranium.

Meaning of Pectineal

Pectineal means: Relating to, or connected with, the pubic bone.

Meaning of Temporal

Temporal means: Of or pertaining to the temple or temples; as, the temporal bone; a temporal artery.

Meaning of Mesethmoid

Mesethmoid means: The median vertical plate, or median element, of the ethmoid bone.

Name Meaning of bone

Meaning of Bones

Is Bones a female or a male name and what is the origin of Bones?

Bones is Surname or Lastname and origin is English

Bones means: English : variant of Bone 2.Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic) : metronymic from the Yiddish female personal name Bone, of Latinate origin.

Meaning of Azmon

Is Azmon a female or a male name and what is the origin of Azmon?

Azmon is Boy/Male and origin is Biblical

Azmon means: Bone of a bone, our strength'.

Meaning of Azmon

Is Azmon a female or a male name and what is the origin of Azmon?

Azmon is and origin is Biblical

Azmon means: bone of a bone; our strength

Meaning of Togarmah

Is Togarmah a female or a male name and what is the origin of Togarmah?

Togarmah is Boy/Male and origin is Biblical

Togarmah means: Which is all bone.

Meaning of Ezem

Is Ezem a female or a male name and what is the origin of Ezem?

Ezem is Girl/Female and origin is Biblical

Ezem means: A bone.

Meaning of Togarmah

Is Togarmah a female or a male name and what is the origin of Togarmah?

Togarmah is and origin is Biblical

Togarmah means: which is all bone

Meaning of Ezem

Is Ezem a female or a male name and what is the origin of Ezem?

Ezem is and origin is Biblical

Ezem means: a bone

Meaning of Ramath-lehi

Is Ramath-lehi a female or a male name and what is the origin of Ramath-lehi?

Ramath-lehi is and origin is Biblical

Ramath-lehi means: elevation of the jaw-bone

Meaning of Jabar

Is Jabar a female or a male name and what is the origin of Jabar?

Jabar is Boy/Male and origin is Afghan, American, Arabic

Jabar means: Bone-setter; Repairer

Meaning of Ramath-lehi

Is Ramath-lehi a female or a male name and what is the origin of Ramath-lehi?

Ramath-lehi is Girl/Female and origin is Biblical

Ramath-lehi means: Elevation of the jaw-bone.

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